In Between Minds: Talstrasse 1, Zürich

“Is there news?”

“Not about her.”

“How can she simply disappear for, what is it now? Six months? Eight?”

“She’s probably found her way into one of the gestalt collectives. If that’s the case, she’ll reappear before long. Psychics of her strength generally don’t hide among people of lesser talents for long. We’ve got a couple of people monitoring the area between Moscow and Riga but it’s a large area. We should consider that she may be dead.”

That would be a disaster.”

“Agreed. But I have other urgent news. Camp 32 has been abandoned.”

What? When?

“We don’t know precisely. The camp looked operational until yesterday. Dmitriev watched the militsiya depart this morning. Kozlov, his staff and his children were not among them so we don’t know when they left, nor do we know where they’ve gone.”


“We’re already spread thin. What do you think we should do?”

“Tyurin is more valuable to us in the short term, Kozlov in the long term.”

“Tyurin then.”

“Let’s hope she’s alive, Kseniya.”

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