Patient Zero

Natalya screamed in horror and surprise. There was a sickening crunch and Nikita doubled over in pain. Natalya cowered in the corner and sobbed hysterically as Nikita writhed on the floor in bone wrenching agony. Blood spurted and pooled around his tormented form as his limbs bent and elongated.

“Natalya, ru. RUN” Nikita gritted through intense pain. She gave the tormented form one last horrified look, and then bolted for the door. Natalya shouldered the rotten wooden door open and burst into the fog filled woods. Her breath already short, she didn’t waste time choosing a direction, she simply ran for her life. Behind her, a lonely and pained howl sent her heartbeat even higher.

Suddenly, Natalya tripped. She fell to the ground, hard, and moaned in pain. Her ankle was already swollen and starting to throb. As she continued to crawl into the mist, she turned over at a noise behind her. A shadow fell across her broken form.

The dense mist swallowed her horrified screams.

The forest was silent yet again.

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