Letters, Numbers, and Symbols

Caroline turned the key hesitantly. As the door to the dingy apartment squeaked open, she gasped quietly. The only light was an uncovered bulb in the kitchen; papers and books covered every inch of the apartment. Dirty wallpaper covered the walls and was in turn covered in numbers, letters,and indescernable symbols. Steven was nowhere to be found.

Caroline wandered around the small apartment in horror, not touching anything. There was almost no room to move, books and papers were literally everywhere. Caroline reached for a leaf of paper lying on what she thought was a coffee table. They were covered in mathmatical equations, all written in different colored ink. Caroline covered her mouth in horror as she looked at the solutions. After every equal sign, always in red ink, was the word kill. She turned and looked at the disheveled apartment, seeing everything in a sinister new light. Caroline turned to leave but froze. With a startling finality, she heard the door close and the deadbolt slide shut.


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