Ticket to the Top

“The results are in, Governor.”

A bespectacled young man in a stained lab coat eagerly held out the manilla envelope to Zellar. The governor calmly glanced towards his desk and back up to the grinning face of the upstart. The grin faltered as he was forced to submit the document to the steel desktop. Zellar waved the messenger scientist off with a casual hand, no need to allow him the satisfaction of an emotional response.

Slowly, Zellar opened the worn flap, its stickiness long gone, crossed out names graffitti’d the outside in columns, telling a history of its travels. Nothing was new anymore.

Zone 64 cleared for human habitation and propagation testing

Zellar was pleased. He dialed his number one investor, it rang once. “We can begin.” click

He knew as well as anyone that the phones, as all government issued electronics, were monitored.

His chair creaked as he sat back. This experiment was his, completely by his design, and 100% in his control. This was his ticket to the top.

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