After the initial sting of the needle, the numbness that overtook her body was relief. It was as if there was nothing to worry about. Ever. The last moments of her consciousness were devoted to turning her head to see her sister in a matching hospital gown upon a matching bed looking right back at her. She blinked, forcing her eyes open one last sluggish time to see her sister’s eyes peacefully closed. She succumb.

She dreamed of nurses in yellow frocks that promised her her sister would be there on the other side, but they took her away. Bring her back! They held her down, she struggled against them. Her sister was carried farther away, waving and smiling. She doesn’t know the danger! Let go!

Noelle jolted awake. Her heart raced, but felt heavy in her chest. She looked frantically for her sister, and found her, standing at the window in the small room. She was dressed in an odd jumpsuit of sturdy material. Noelle flipped the covers back. She was dressed similarly. Then she saw the light.

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