THX 0477

The man glanced up from his trashy novel and over the rim of his sunglasses. The woman who had just a minute ago sat next to him shyly touched the rim of her scotch with a finger and looked away. Dr. Tim stared at the beautiful woman and smiled mischeviously when she met his gaze.
“What brings you to Heathrow Mr?” the woman asked with an Italian accent as she took a brief sip.

“Doctor Tim Ma’am.”the man continued to smile," And just for adventure. Saving the world. That kind of stuff." he finished with a satisfied sip of martini.

The woman laughed, not sure whether to take this man seriously. Dr. Tim leaned in close and whispered in her ear,
“And why would men in suits be pursuing a beatiful woman besides obvious reasons Ms?”

The woman doesn’t answer, horrified.
Madre di Dio” she mutters to herself before throwing a suspicious glance at Dr. Tim, who smiles and takes another sip of martini. She begins to stutter out questions as she packs, but Dr. Tim silences her with a wink.
“Trust me. I’m a doctor.”

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