Witch's Valley pt 5

“Come on!” Harry walked past a warning fence.
He said, “Let’s prove once and for all that it’s a load of hooey!”
As they walked, only the sucking sound of the ground pulling at their boots could be heard as a thick fog surrounded the men.
There was a sudden scream, and all 4 men jumped. The echo surrounded them like the mist. Their palms covered their ears against it.
“Jesus Christ what is that?” Harry wondered as the shrill scream finally faded.
He was answered by a distressed scream from Jack as his voice faded into the fog along with him.
“JACK!” Harry searched around wide-eyed, his hand outstretched.
“What the hell…” Zeke whispered.
“Harry?!” this from Bill.
“Over here!”
“I can’t see a goddamn thing!”
“No, this way, Bill!”
“Here?” Bill’s voice was distant, “I see you,”
“You’re going the wrong way!” Harry made to run after him, Zeke stopped him.
“He’s not seeing right, Harry!” Zeke said, “She’s put voodoo in his brain! He’s chasin’ shadows!” he nodded, “Never trust your shadow in the dark!”

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