Weirdness Abounding

While rolling his eyes at Janine’s troublesome assumption, Alex spied the edge of the woods. Even in the dark he could tell. The plants were wrong. The ground was darker, not the usual reddish stuff that stained so many of his pants and shoes. The moon was the real clincher.

Over his right shoulder, Alex knew the moon was hanging low, a thin crescent. Straight ahead, a slightly orange full moon lit a beckoning path. This was wrong, obviously.

Without turning he asked, “You noticing the, um…”


“And you’re, uh…”

“Still going…there.”

“The place with the evil, somehow magical, possible mother, and extra moon?”


“And you said I was the idiot.”

The two eyed the path. It scared the crap out of Alex. At the same time, it called to him like nothing else.

Janine gave a little girlish sigh, “You still intent on coming along?”

“Yeah, sure. Should be fine. I brought snacks, so you know.”

“You’re a weird kid, Alex.”

The pair set off as Alex grumbled, “Nothing weird about snacks.”

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