The Storm Before The Calm

Already I felt the torrid chinook begin to singe my hair, to excoriate my skin. A rumble began to resonate deep in my chest. A flaming heap of metal fell from the sky issuing a cacophony down the mountainside. It appeared to be the remnants of a satellite. I tried to project gratitude toward loved ones I couldn’t be with. The Global Consciousness Project popped into my head, what a ridiculous time to think of that! But maybe it wasn’t. It seemed all I could do was try my best to conjure love to everyone and everything about to meet its demise, just like me. Maybe if everyone else did the same…

I looked into his eyes and was sated. He was everything in this life, and hopefully in the next. I saw the immense wave of fire beside him in my periphery, billowing out over the horizon, engulfing trees and birds. It was an exquisite writhing, sinuous convolution. This vision held an acute reverence as it would be the last thing I experience. I closed my eyes and kissed him and felt nothing but his love for me.

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