The Straw That Broke...

“Okay, what the hell!” Chris shook his head, trying to throw off the smothering hood and rattling the confining chair.“Seriously guys, not cool! Let me out!”
He could hear them breathing, but there was no response. What game were they playing? “Guys? I know you’re there!”
Nothing. “You assholes, I can hardly breathe in here! This isn’t funny anymore.”
“It was never funny, Chris.”
“What?” He couldn’t tell where the voice came from, but he knew whose it was. “Scott, buddy, tell me what’s going on. Remember when-”
“When you played that hilarious practical joke on me?”
“It was just-”
From his left: “Remember when you dumped my sister?”
“Sorry, man, but she was-”
Behind him: “Remember when you cheated and won the scholarship I had worked for?”
“Hey, bro-”
All around him: “Remember when you threw the championship game?”
“Guys, I didn’t-”
“It’s time for you to pay.”
The accusing voices were those of his friends-no longer friendly.
“No…we’ve waited long enough, Chris.”
With a howl, they descended on him.

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