The end

As I stood to face the impending cataclysm, a wave of euphoria swept over my body. Too long I had waited to feel death’s firm embrace. Nothing on this earth was truly good. Any semblance of hope or love was just a grand delusion perpetuated by generations. It was of no doubt in my mind that this was a just extermination by some higher being.

I sat alone in my apartment, staring out the window. There had been no electricity in three days. Even in my desolate state, I regretted nothing. It didn’t seem like there was any point. Those who called themselves family and friends had been trying to contact me for weeks. I wanted nothing of them.

I entered this world alone. This was a fitting end.

The Earth had been long burdened with its inhabitants. Those who envied, stole, murdered, wasted, lied, and pretended to be happy.

Maybe this was for the best.

A fresh start.

The roar.

The permanent silence.

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