Ocean of Regret

Her cloak billowed behind her as she ran across the sand. Not until she reached the water’s edge did she slow to a stop. The waves lapped gently at her feet, soaking her shoes. No matter. The internal pain outweighed anything she felt in the physical realm.

She was shocked her father had discovered her feelings for the young man. The separation her father had then commanded and enforced had left her feeling broken. Even her immediate removal to her favorite place had not cheered her as she knew her father had hoped it would. The pain was too fresh, too sharp. Too much even for tears.

Dry-eyed, she stared at the myriad stars. No moon tonight, just the stars to light the shore. Somewhere he would be looking up at the same stars. Thinking of her? Not likely. She had hidden her feelings well. Now she wished she hadn’t.

She sank to her knees in the wet sand. Holding out a fistful of the sand, she let it fall in small clumps into the water. All she saw before her was an ocean of regret, swallowing her life.

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