Waking Up

The trees and grasslands that once adorned the landscape were now a utopian memory. Even the air was gone, replaced by a suffocating gas mixture that was so tenuous one must breathe through a respirator. The cities made of glass and concrete were graveyards and wastelands created by destruction. Cars were glued to the roads by their melted tires. The SUVs were barely recognizable due to the extreme heat that had fused the metal parts and liquefied plastic bumpers and ski racks. Roads were warped into amalgamates of sand, roadside dirt and the asphalt that connected the highways. Houses and buildings were piles of rubble blanketed with windows that had been distorted and shattered. The people that used to fill these roads and cities were turned to ash, along with any organic matter. No more birds flying across the evening sky. No more mule deer grazing along the highways. No more commerce from the inhabitants of the world. The oldworld was now a dream that she had awoken from and was now fading in her memory.

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