Egg drop

This was the worst day of his life.

The other kids were excited, running around, pointing out the key features of their designs. One after another they all went up to the roof with Ms. Carruthers, and every time they loved it.

But Billy could barely manage to watch. He was sure his egg was going to smash into a million pieces. He could never do anything right.

Mom and dad were always yelling at each other. It had gotten way worse since he turned eight and asked for a new bicycle. He should have known not to ask for that. Mom was always telling him there wasn’t enough money. Now mom and dad were yelling a lot and it was all his fault. Why did he have to be so stupid?

Finally Ms. Carruthers called him up to the roof. He could barely make it up the stairs he was so nervous. Looking down at the kids below he knew they all thought he was dumb. This was never going to work.


It fell even faster than he thought. Billy turned around. He didn’t want to know what happened.

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