The New Thing

Once the centerpiece of Saturday night dinner parties, I now rule of a kingdom of dust and worn memories. I used to fill these halls with music, laughter, and adventure. The Shadow, that one was my personal favorite. So much potential. Now I sit forgotten in the darkness.

I knew it would happen eventually. It always does. They want the newest thing, the best thing, the smaller thing. That’s how you all are. I can’t hate you for it, only pity. I watched your kids when you and your husband tried to “fix things”. I helped you forget. I helped you remember. And when the new thing came, you replaced me without a second thought.

It must be hard, living like that. Always wanting more, never satisfied with what you have. Do I wish things the way they were? Of course I do, who wouldn’t?
Do I despair over what I have become?

What would be the point?

I am what I am, and proud of it. If I am to be forgotten and alone, then so be it. I will have new company soon enough, and you will forever chase the “new” thing.

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