Separate Ways

We split up after that.

Nick stayed on in Milwaukee, getting the job we all wanted. I sort of pitied him, to be honest. Trapped there with no options or friends anymore. But he got the job.

Cramer was now happily married in Milwaukee, if by happily married you mean stuck with a knocked up college “sweetheart”. He clung to hopes in of a secondary position in Milwaukee. I honestly pitied him more than Nick. We were all led around and deceived, but he still thought they cared about him.

Zach went back to Philly, I don’t know what he’s up to anymore. Same for Brandon, who disappeared into the wilderness of Wisconsin. Mike transferred to another department, and last I heard he was having the time of his life.

Smits was the only one I ever kept contact with, though not very constant.

It was kind of sad, in its own way. Nobody wanted to say it, but we all couldn’t let it go. We all went our seperate ways with our own thoughts on the past four years. None of us were the same. We all left with our own thoughts.

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