At peace with the unknown

The night sky was engulfed by yearly meteor showers. I stood there watching immense beauty be taken over by fear in an instant. An intense red flash filled the night sky as the ground beneath me begun to shake. I stood there alone as my family slept in the room in the back of the house. My heart dropped into my stomach as I knew the light I saw seemed to feel hotter and hotter like day break through morning dew. I could feel the skin of my face heat up as I just stood there in shock. No time to think to believe or not to believe what was happening. It was all so fast, as if to be amazed by the beauty I was so terrified by. As the flesh of my hands begun to disintegrate I felt no pain, just peace. All I wished was I could have kissed my son goodbye, yet atleast our good night kiss wasn’t skipped tonight. So peace returned to my heart.

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