The Morning After

The next day dawned bright and clear, but Cal dozed heavily, missing it entirely. The doorbell woke him. He trudged to stop the annoyance before it woke his Mom.

“Cal! Nice boxers!” JoAnn exclaimed. Cal blinked, too tired to blush.
“What are you doing up, and here?” Cal’s voice was scratchy.
“Aren’t you going to take me to the city?”
“Well, you can get dressed first.” JoAnn pushed past him, letting herself in. Cal shut the door and went to find some decent clothing.

“You want some breakfast?” he offered, returning to the living room.
“Nah, the thought of food makes me nauseous.”

Cal grabbed some toaster tarts and his keys. His beat up truck started on the third try as usual and he ate while he drove.
“Your Mom work late?” JoAnn hedged.
“Yeah and I got home right before she did, so thanks for waking me up so early.” Cal scowled playfully at her.
“Sorry, but I was motivated to get up. Besides, my stomach woke me. I threw up.”
“Well, let’s get that taken care of.”
They were silent the rest of the way.

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