...and two stout men to work the bellows.

Waves lapped up against the wooden bow of the sloop Lucky Doris, the flagship of the Lobstermen’s Association. The vessel was small and fast, perfect for salvage work amongst the many rocks and shoals of the Serpent’s Teeth. With the anchor set, the crew set to work.

The diminutive figure of the sloop’s captain lashed down the tiller and began shouting orders. “Stow the jib and mains’l!” he cried. “Mister Leatherfoot, coil that anchor rode lest ye end up in the drink!”

From below decks, several wooden crates were brought up and opened. Inside gleamed the metal and leather objects that were the cornerstone to the Lobsterman’s trade. The captain, standing just elbow-high to many of the human crew, ordered the pieces set on deck. The first out was a bright metal globe set with four round windows and a collar to fit over the captain’s head.

“This barge went down less than eight hours ago, full of ore,” the captain said as he was helped into the dive suit. “Let’s bring it up and see what we’ve got!”

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