A Long Walk.

His first reaction was to hear the noises of dogs and guns, but nothing came.
“Suh, please tell me again. Where we goin’?”
He pushed back a branch, “We have to get you to Indiana, that’s where you’ll be free. I have a friend there now and this man will treat you well. I promise.”
“No offense suh, but I’s heard that before. We’s treat you well here, but they all lies.”
“You don’t have to worry with me, Andre. I’m different than these other white men you meet.”
They walked with purpose, trying their best to cover their tracks. Branches snapped under their weight. Every noise vibrated the woods. Keeping quiet was their safety.

Exhausted, they both stopped in their tracks.
“Let’s rest here Andre. My feet are achin.”
He dropped his small satchel full of clothes and removed the cloth from his feet that he called shoes. “Do you think we can make it to Indiana, suh?”
He laid down and looked at the northern star above. They were outnumbered, but their strength was being together. “I hope so Andre. I really hope so.”

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