..I looked in his eyes, and they were bloody. I wanted to look at mine, to see if they reflected my feelings. I was scared but not scared. I was excited with curiosity and nervous of the unknown.
“How is it that changed suddenly?”
“I have no strict form, Sarah but I love yours.”

Was it a compliment? I should be shuddering, but I was smiling coyly.

“Thanks for coming to help me here. These lights are getting crazier and I feel my skin burning. Can we get back to the dark, please?”

“My pleasure, darling. I think you made the right choice. We can be harmed no more. We are invincible. Mortality is no more to be dreaded and inertia will not bog us down anymore.”

I could feel my life flowing away and my body giving way to the demon inside. It was all so clear and yet so blurred. I tried to hold on but it all moved so quick. I yelled out, but could they listen? Please let me stay, I loved you Neil.

“A few more minutes, sweets and we will be done. Goodbye Sarah, thank you for all you’ve given”..

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