It Pays The Bills

Cal’s mother, Crystal, woke up around 12:30. She noticed Cal wasn’t home and his truck was gone. She sighed. Some days she wondered if she was doing right by him. She drank a mug of coffee and stared out at the back yard. It needed mowed.

She ran on her treadmill and used her gym while watching her stories. It was tough keeping in shape for her job, but Violette had very strict guidelines for her employees to which Crystal had adhered for years. She made enough to put food on the table, give her kid a used truck, pay the bills, and have a decent Christmas every year. For that, she toiled over her body.

Her evening shower regimen included waxing delicate areas, bleaching her lip hairs, plucking, and trimming in addition to her moisturizing routine. And once a week she applied a beauty mask.

Tonight she dressed in her favorite lingerie under her ‘uniform’ and smiled at her reflection. Tonight would be the night she got that elusive extra tip for Violette and her much deserved promotion to the White Room.

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