Space Nero needs an Empress!

They reclined, carefully entwined, in the midst of the fantastic scene. The architecture was a crass mixture of neo-classical and 50s science-fiction kitsch. She’d helped the set designer pick some of it out. He’d helped the set builder move it all into position in their borrowed location.

The house was one of several that belonged to some tech billionaire, that he apparently used for “entertaining”. He’d decided that a line of ‘tasteful’ adult movies filmed in them would make an admirable addition to the decor. Her husband had seen the colour of his money and agreed readily.

So, here she was again. She wriggled slightly, the skimpy polyester costume she’d thrown together the night before, pinched and irritated in several places. Teddy, her erstwhile co-star, snored gently, even while the hot lights made the oil on his tanned body gleam. He was a nice boy, all muscles and such, but not too hot on the old brains.

“OK. Places everybody!”

“Even Teddy?!”

“You’ll just have to wake him up, won’t you?”

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