Medley in the Key of Sadness

Kevin sulked down the sidewalk, kicking pebbles and acorns as he went. He wanted to be mad, but the only legitimate target for his anger was his own foolishness. Sure, there were ways to reframe the whole ugly incident, make it her fault instead. That wouldn’t do though; his love wouldn’t allow that.

His love burned hot. She always told him to cool down. Her beauty made him shake. She chided him to be still at every turn. His thoughts were in the clouds of romance. Her realism tugged him back to Earth.

On the corner of Oak St and Fairview, Kevin stopped. A pain nagged at his chest. He considered his options. She’d kill him if he came by again today. Home held no solace, only chores and a whining little sister. He needed a friend, and Brian’s house was just down the hill.

Feeling as though he was about to die a little, he set out, more or less resolved to see if Brian was home. He half wished he wasn’t. The pain wanted to linger, and he struggled to find the common sense to make it go away.

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