On The DownLow

Mitch dressed casually. He wasn’t really sure how this poker thing was going to go down. His plan was to fold early, but he had a feeling this shadowy figure wouldn’t let him off the hook too easily. He thought he could lose up to a thousand dollars before his father would be too alarmed. It was easy for the mayor to juggle some thing in the books. Someone probably owed him a favor large enough to cover a mere thousand.

Mitch met the Shadow in the alley behind Mark’s. He still couldn’t see the guy’s face. He followed him through the back door.

“This stays on the downlow. Or you’ll be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”
“Prosecuted? But I..”

“Rape is a serious offense, Mitch. All it takes is the word of the victim.” A deep voice interrupted him.

“Sheriff Davis?!” Mitch’s eyes widened.
“You thought you knew this town, sonny. But you’re only scratching the surface.” The Sheriff pulled out a chair and seated himself with his beer. “Have a seat. I’ll deal.”

Mitch sat, feeling his heart in his toes.

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