Having the Final Word

“I suppose this is it.”
Jeffery rubbed his face and made no reply, so Steven naturally continued.
“I mean, look at us. Solar flare coming and all we can do is sit on the lawn with a Bud?”
Jeffery sighed, his eyes never leaving the sky.
“Shouldn’t we be—” Steven paused, grasping for the proper sentiment “—I don’t know, making right? Apologizing? Something?”
A shrug from Jeffery, nothing more.
“Well, I know I should. Lets see…I stole your Captain Planet toy in 3rd grade. That was pretty bad of me…and blaming you for the car thing was rotten too. I suppose I should thank you for the $5000 bail you payed for me after graduation, but I wasn’t drunk. Really. It was just a few bottles of Benadryl…like twelve bottles. And your sister! Then I was actually drunk, but so was she. Well, no, I lied. She was on acid. That I gave her. Anyway, you weren’t too fond of that, so, so…come on, man! We’re about to die! Say somethi—HAAGHTHLBFFT!” Steven began spitting blood.
Jeffery turned.
“I poisoned your beer.”

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