Red Roses and Dry Gin: Power Plays

The car was late. To pass the time, Jacqueline practiced throwing playing cards across the room. Cards moved so differently than knives. She had once known a girl who had earned the nickname ‘Gambit’ by consistantly hitting targets in the eye from twenty feet away.

After ten minutes she felt like she had graduated into the next skill bracket. The cards were landing close to where she wanted which was an improvement in her estimation.

A hesitant knock sounded against the door and she hurried to answer it after slipping on her high heels and grabbing her purse.

In the hall stood a young bell hop who flashed her a leering smile. “Señorita, su coche ha llegado.”

“Senora.” Jacqueline corrected gently causing the boy’s smile to falter.

“Senora.” He repeated dutifully.

She wasn’t completely displeased by his behavior- it meant that all of her hard work was paying off but it was better to stonewall attempts at flirting early on rather than risk being forced into a confrontation that could blow her cover.

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