Within, there are two parts to everything. In love — apathy. In hate — tolerance. In passion — disinterest. In acceptance — ignorance. In life – stagnation. In death — existence. Within, life has a shadowed side to every aspect, — a darker and less ‘acceptable’ path — “the road less traveled” if you will, and inside of myself I find this to be very true.

There is a duality in my soul. A split divide of my own consciousness. On both sides, a light is shining at me vying for attention. Should I hearken one side though, I feel I would be lost in it forever.

There is this ‘primalism’ deep in my mind. It beckons, along with a fatherly baritone voice, that I should walk further along with him, but I know that where he goes morality doesn’t follow.

And deep in my heart, there is a woman with the voice of an angel. She tells me what is good and what isn’t, what is right and wrong, but I know there is no reason with her.

A divide — a canyon that will swallow me whole if I do not grab on to a ledge.

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