day of awesomeness

When I woke up this morning, I knew right away that something was different. The day was ripe with possibilities. Today was special. I smiled. Today was going to be awesome!

I quickly got out of my yellow pajamas and moved through my morning routine, getting this day the proper start it deserved. The PJs fit well today. For some reason, even though I always bought the same kind, it seemed like my drawer contained an endless variety of PJs – all yellow, though.

I stepped out of the house and into the bright sunlight. I blinked, and turned so I wouldn’t face the sun directly. A truck rumbled in the distance, already (or still?) on its way. To somewhere awesome, no doubt.

I headed for the park. It was downhill, so I could just coast. I could smell the awesome in the air. It was in the trees around me, in the people moving about, at the bottom of their drawers, in the stories they were writing.

Surrounded by awesome. What a beautiful day!

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