Singled out from the pack

Indistinguishable from the others, today he had finally been chosen. Whether by random or otherwise, his destiny would be fulfilled.

Approaching that singular document that would fulfil his purpose, he felt a pang of almost regret. Having seen so many of his brothers take this fateful journey, he couldn’t help but think he should now be feeling so much more about his own. He had anticipated this moment for so long, and now it had arrived he tried in vain to stop his mind racing, and take in as much as he could.

A closer look and he saw the document was a Ph.D dissertation. Prestigious he thought, until the words ‘first draft’ were all he could focus on. Could be better but could also certainly be worse he decided, choosing to look at the positives. After all, he’d lost count of how many other paperclips had he seen bent and mangled to clean out some ones toenails.

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