I insert my earbuds and sit down to watch.

Legs dangling over the rooftop, Nuvole Bianche whispering through my earbuds, and a beautiful sunrise approaching the horizon in front of me. Birds are singing, people are just starting to wake up, and soft breezes rustle the trees below me. It’s all very poetic; a stark contrast to the events that have made me who I am.

It starts slowly enough. The concrete speaks to me, rumbling, telling me it has begun. The Ministry of Religion is ironically the first to catch fire. Windows shatter and blow outward and concrete pillars crumble. The piano in my ear thrums comfortably and I laugh, raising my arms as if I’m conducting the piano and the destruction all at once.

The Ministry of Commerce blazes orange and a fireball runs free into the stratosphere. I stand from my secluded perch; its time for me to follow and disappear. I take one last look at the sweet chaos, and take my leave.

My masterpiece continues to conduct itself, and I disappear into the coming dawn.

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