off the path

“What do we do?” Tom whispers, zipping up his pants, watching the eyes. “Ow! Sonofa-” he yelps, catching himself in his zipper.

The eyes leap at the noise, their shadowy forms breaking away, streaking at the trio caught on the path. Jose and Maria fire with each hand, revolvers erupting in the still night. For every bullet fired, a shadow disappears with an inhuman shriek.

Tom looks around, wishing for a weapon. The creatures are all around, surging forward through the hail of gunfire. It looks hopeless. For every creature killed, three more take its place.

Jose and Maria both have a look of pure concentration on their faces. Their guns click empty but they don’t slow, dropping the empty revolvers. Jose pulls out two more while Maria swings up a shotgun.

Tom’s ears ring from the deafening sound of gunshots. He shakes his head, knowing it’s all over. He sees a sudden opening. A chance.

“No!” Maria shouts but Tom doesn’t hear.

Tom takes off, running off the path and into the desert.

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