No Bueno (Part 7)

When I looked back, the squat building that had been the Casa de los Persones had disappeared entirely becoming a large abandoned warehouse. All the windows I could see had been haphazardly boarded up and graffiti defaced the corrugated sheets of metal that were once doors.

It was hard to to talk because I was breathing hard but I tried anyway. “That’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to me.” I huffed. “But at least we made it, right?”

There was no answer. That was the moment I discovered I was completely alone. I didn’t remember letting go of her hand but somehow Megan had completely disappeared from my grip and from my life.

“Megan?” I called hoarsely but there was no sign of my girl friend anywhere. I hoped that she had fled from the strangeness like some kind of terrified Lovecraftian protagonist but the more I looked the more I was sure the world had changed. For whatever reason, this world no longer had a Megan.

The Casa de los Persones was gone never to be seen again- and so was Megan.

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