Atypical Bike Ride

The title has already spoken. I need to get to the point.

The weather was beautiful today. The sort of weather you tell your pals you’ve been waiting for. I needed to get out. I unlocked my bike from its rack outside and pumped its pitifully low tires with air. I felt so sorry for the ol’ girl. I rode her all the time when I was younger and now I just didn’t have the time like I used to have. That sounded dirty.


I rode up the hill in my neighborhood; this dog… Ben (I’m not sure if that’s the name I heard the lady yelling) was chasing me on and off the road. I had to get off my bike a few times to scare it off. “Go away! Get!”

The damn dog nearly got hit twice by cars. So when I saw two cars coming from opposite directions towards me, I had to take action. I grabbed a stick and threw it at the dog. It ran off the road, tail-tucked and under, and moved out of the way of the cars.

That’s the only part its owner saw. Me abusing “son pauvre.” She threatened me, and I called her a dumb bitch.

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