State of Mind

“And what can I do for you, Miss?” he leaned over the vast mahogany desk, his bloated, oily face squashed into a smile.
“A great deal,” the small, plain woman sat primly in the undersized chair. “I disagree with your policies.”
“I’m sure we can come to some agreement. We really just want the best for everyone and even though some policies might seem harsh at first, in the long term everyone will be bet-”
The woman clicked her fingers and the politician froze mid-sentence, still save for a few terrified twitches.
“Lies,” said the woman. “I’ve had enough lies. I’ve visited some of your colleagues recently. You might wonder why they’ve been disagreeing with you more lately. I re-educated them. Call it mind control, I suppose. They’re still in there, but my instruction override their own thoughts. Ironic really, complete slavery for a few to gain freedom for the many. And now for your treatment.”
He left his office some hours later, speaking the words of a kinder man and staring with the eyes of a prisoner.

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