The Reception

“For those who don’t know, justice drives me: always has,” I said. “Hierophant Black didn’t murder my parents, nor was I rocketed from a distant world just before it blew up, leaving me the sole survivor.”

Nervous glances blossomed from curious expressions; faint murmurs grew amidst the silence planted by my unexpected rise to the podium. No one trusted me, even after I used my Hellfire and Demon Strength on the Nightmare League when Doctor Diamond pulled half of Rio de Janeiro into Hell.

“I’ve always been self-made; sold my soul for the power to set things right. Lucifer got the shaft on that deal and has been tryin’ to get out of our little contract ever since.” I saw Lady Light’s features darken from the corner of my eye.

Few who knew me, liked me; no one who worked with me ever did again. I drained my glass and smiled cynically from under the banner reading “Thank You, Heroes”.

“So,” I said, “who wants to know who else in this room has made a deal with the Devil?”

I summoned Hellfire around my fists.

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