The Best Laid Plans...

The group, a ragtag band of citizens recruited to bolster the police force walked through the quiet town in a huddle. They peered this way and that, hands sweating on pistol and shotgun grips, the chief leading the way. They came across a few staggering lone zombies, and quickly put them down with entirely too many bullets. The people were scared and trigger happy, but so far, there hadn’t been any problems.

One man fell to his knees weeping as they found his wife, bloody and pale, and shot her.

“They aren’t people anymore, ya got to recognize that!” The chief called out.

A loud moaning sound came through the air and the group turned. It seemed the loud sound of the gunshots were drawing them, as a shambling horde emerged, coming down the road towards them. Hundreds of the abominations, groaning.

“Hold!” The chief called out, but it was too late. The group broke and scattered as the horde engulfed them. Noises of the zombies feasting filled David’s ears as he ran, weaving between zombies to get away.

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