Dropping the pretense.

Tom is powerless to struggle. The huge man towers over him, holding Tom effortlessly.
Tom catches his breath, “Ok… Just drop the act. I know you’re a bad guy.”

The demon cocks his head, and with a knowing grin replies, “So, what gave me away?”
“Well, for one thing… This is a ghoul infested desert, and you’re completely unarmed… See that thing?” Tom points to a quasi-human monstrosity cowering to his left, “That is clearly something to be afraid of. And it’s petrified of you.”
“And yet, you seem calm…”
“Well… I have something of incredible value to your kind.”
This catches the demon by surprise, “What could you have of value to me?”
Tom hesitates, “My soul… My willing soul.”

The demon crouches, and produces a small bluish campfire. Gazing across the fire, he eyes Tom warily.
“Clearly, you know I could steal your soul.”
“Yes… And it would be worth much less.”
“So… You offer your soul for?”
“Well, I’m not offering you anything; I seek the One that has imprisoned my sister.”

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