Posttranscriptional Event

Dr. Sterngold is very agitated. His assistant is late again and the photolithographic microarrays need to be characterised. He paces up and down checking his watch every five seconds.
He is about the pick up the EST chart to do the job himself when she bursts in, out of breath and her white lab-coat flapping. He presses the chart into her hand and busies himself with analysing some hematopoeitic differentiations.
Erin walks over to the transient induction cluster. Meticulously she checks the reassociation kinetics of each microarray and notes the expression ratios.
“Doctor?” she shouts.
“Yes, what is it Erin?”
“Microarray LE502 is fluorescing green!”
“Green? Let me see!”
“Wait, now it’s turning blue.” carefully she compares the microarry against a non-radiative relaxation state diagram.
“Wait, the diagram says it’s indigo.”
“Indigo! Hooray!” he grabs her by the waist and dances though the lab.
“What’s this for anyway?”
“Haven’t you got it yet. We’re making designer genes. I think I’ll call this one LEFI 502!”

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