A friend...

Frank stumbled out of the warehouse, mind numb. “Fuckfuckfuck…whatthefuckishappeningtome?” He mumbled, body feeling colder and colder. He staggered on, past zombies that for some reason, no longer cared about him. They let him pass without grabbing for him, without attacking. That should have been a bad sign, but he didn’t notice.

Someone bumped into him. His eyes widened to take in a still-human face, a person that was still alive.

“Frank!” David whispered, grabbing his arms. “You’re alive! Come on!”

Frank nodded, unable to speak. His thoughts seemed fuzzy, out of reach. He followed David down an empty alleyway, crouching down and waiting for a few zombies to pass.

Frank noticed he was smelling something strange. It smelled delicious, tantalizing. Fresh, breathing, alive…He shook his head. David’s back was to him, watching the street ahead for danger.

Frank licked his lips. The smell was overpowering. He could sense the life, thriving in front of him, and felt the need to kill it.

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