the mind of a teenager

good morning! good to be alive
weather’s nice for once
i look good today
this is nice, im on time for once
its gonna be a good day
ugh. my hair looks bad
im stupid
im fat
im ugly
my hair is gross
i should just die
i want to go home
its gross outside
why cant it be cold
my best friend probably hates me
i have no life
its probably because im a loser
and i look fat today
well, practice sucks
they’re all laughing at me
no, im doing good today!
theyre probably impressed
no, im so failing
i should just die
i want to go home
so many awkward silences
my mom thinks im a slut, im a failure
well hello house
well hello cramps
that was awesome timing
i feel greasy
i hate living here
im disgusting
why does it matter? everyone hates me anyway
screw homework, im a failure
if im this miserable tomorrow, ill die
wouldn’t that be nice…

and…how does he do it?
im at my lowest, and just
a sentence from him
and im laughing like a stoner.
im not even in love with him, it’s just
he somehow makes me happy
without trying.

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