Kamayangi, the Great Fish, rolls and turns in the narrow pool. His eyes are set on the air above the water. Ditki, the fat frog, has just returned to his lilly pad, and he is watching.

Kamayangi surges upward as a bee fly hovers above. His mighty tail drives him to the surface and beyond, but he misses the insect. He sloshes back down into the water and bubbles a sigh of frustration.

“Fish, are you too slow to catch a bee fly?” Ditki teases in creaking, reedy tones “I caught a bee fly just this last week. It was crunchy and delicious.”

“Alas, little Ditki” says the fish, “the bee fly is swift and shrewd; maybe shrewder than you.”

“Observe the master hunter, oh you lumbering heap of scales.” Ditki bunches his body down into his haunches as the bee fly returns to taste the nearby lillies. Then, he lunges and extends his tongue. The flush of victory is his- and his webbed feet lose their purchase on the lilly pad.

Ditki descends into the water, and into the wide open mouth of the very satisfied Kamayangi.

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