There’s a brief tapping on my window. I don’t worry- it’s not loud enough to wake anyone, and soon he’ll give up and return to wherever it is he goes at night.
I wonder if maybe I should give in. At least once. It’s not like I have anything better to do during the dark hours. Usually I touch up on my English. Or I read. Ever since the Earth-people taught me to read, it’s been my only escape from this drab existence.
There it is again. Hmm, he must have cut his nails. Good thing, too. He was starting to leave marks on my window.
A sigh escapes my chest and, not thinking, I open the window and drop to the grass. His eyes widen comically; he’s surprised I revealed myself.
“You coming?” he asks, like he thinks I slipped out here to tell him no. I nod, excusing his stupidity. He hands me one of those drinks, the Liquid Lightning, the ones that keep you awake for 24 hours. I laugh dryly. He remembers and withdraws his arm, apologizing awkwardly. “It’s alright,” I say, and I must admit I’m starting to enjoy the kid.

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