You will be Forgotten

I stood there, at the precipice of self-annihilation, looking down at the sea of sorrows ready to swallow me whole. I made no effort to keep my balance; only the wind kept me swaying back and forth. Only fate could save me or condemn me.

The clouds forbade the sun from letting me see its face. No warmth washed over me and caressed me. No hope arrived. No salvation came at last. Only tears consoled me from the skies above.

The massive, immense, great, expansive, immortal sea roiled against the cliff-face. Trying to drag down the equally gargantuan rock with it. My only foundation. The pain and broken joys beneath me rose with such power that the displaced air was almost enough to suck me down into its rippling tides. Only a hidden prevailing wind, high above the sea, kept my body afloat amid such chaotic forces. A silent “no” as I slipped closer and closer into the waves of oblivion.

But no matter what I do… I will be forgotten. No reminiscence, no remembrance. I slid away, and was only forgotten sooner.

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