“I can’t do it, ok! I tried and failed, leave me alone!”
“You can’t say that, you only tried one time….don’t just quit. View it as practice for the next interview.”

“You’re making it worse! I’m not you. So just stop!”
“She would have loved to have seen you finally succeed.”

“How can you do that to me? Bring her into it? Do you ever think about how hard it was for me to be the one who sucked at absolutely everything I tried? No! You were only concerned with how much better I would be if I were more like you!” Tears were forming now.

“I understand that I’m just the jobless, loser brother, that you’re the special one. I know she didn’t love me – she loved you!” He had finally said it.

“But at least with her around I had reason to try…to try to make her love me .” His life felt heavy with previously unspoken resentment. No need to say more, she was gone.

She had married the wrong brother – all three of them had known. He would spend the rest of his life hating his brother for her mistake.

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