Action Movie Cliches

A suitibly contradictory bar sits in the dusty street of what could be any developing nation. This one is named Tiny’s, because the owner is quite large. It was a joke but has long lost any comedic value.

A man in a dusty explorer’s outfit with a backround in everything you find cool sits talking to a man in an elegant suit that is exceptionally well tailored. The 2nd man has a backround in everything you find exotic, and the pair begin their conversation by asking if the other has lost their tail. Once they have uttered their “code words”, they get down to buisness and discuss the plan for just one last job before they get out of the buisness because they need time with their wife/family.

Invariably, one of them has not lost their tail and they each blame the other. With a slight nod of agreement that hints at a long backround working together, they each bolt for the exit. In this case, one heads for an acrobatic chase on the rooftops while the other heads through the conveniantly crowded market.

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