A Deal

The demon harrumphs. “So either I take your unwilling soul or lead you to the One you seek and get nothing at all. That does not sound like a good deal.”

Tom raised his hands, palms up. “It’s true. I do not offer you my soul but that does not mean I offer you nothing. The One I seek is powerful, one of the Old. You bring me to them and you will gain favor.”

“Favor from an Old One? Fools stuck in the past, they are. You will have to do better.” The demon smiled.

Tom shook his head, mouth set in a grim line. “There is something else I offer, something that will be sure to interest you and the Old One I seek.”

“And what is this, human? What can you offer?”

Tom glanced back the way he had come. Gunshots could still be heard, though few and far between now. A different rhythm from the constant hail before. They’d beaten back the shadow horde and were making their way closer. Tom turned back to the demon before him.

Tom closed his eyes, sighing. “They protected me. They come to my aid. I will give you both.”

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