The world should stop.

There was a time when I enjoyed the cheerful sound of the dawn chorus. I loved to hear the way the birds greeted the new day. Not now. I just lay here wishing they would stop the damn melodic chirping. It hurts to hear their joy. I close my eyes now to remember the last time i smelt your soapy skin. So long ago. The last kiss you gave me still makes my tummy turn,not with lust now but with regret and pain. I miss you. If I had known that i would never get the chance to spend time with you again I would have savoured every moment but you left that morning and I never saw you again. Part of me went with you and I can only describe myself as hollow.Like the shells you find in the garden when the snail has disappeared. I told you that morning that we needed to talk about our financial affairs and you had laughed and said.“For goodness sake woman,you worry too much.You cant take it with you!” We had laughed at our nearly exhausted overdraft. The day you fell asleep was the very worst day of my life.

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