Me, Malice and Spite

What will I do now? What is my life worth now you’re gone? I don’t know, maybe I will try and find some one else. I doubt I ever will. Never will I meet some one who has touched me the way you have. Never.

First my wife and now you…

I didn’t mourn my wife enough after you killed her. I didn’t let my friend Sadness even show his morose face. Maybe it wasn’t the fact I didn’t let him. It was probably more to do with my other friends, Malice and Spite. They showed their scarred faces and bullied Sadness until he decided it wasn’t worth waiting around any more. At least he stayed around longer than my other friends, I guess.

But anyway, now you’re dead too there really is no point. You took her life and we took yours. Me, Malice and Spite.

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