The double-cross.

The demon chuckles, “Betrayal! How delightful!”
Tom grins sheepishly – offering Jose and Maria as collateral for the demon’s protection was likely, a very poor bargain.
Cursing himself silently, Real smart, jackass… Let’s add ‘thinking fast’, ‘gun fights’ and ‘urinating’ – to the things I do not do well.
The demon grabs Tom, and drags him back toward the path.

As they near the clearing, it’s clear that the battle has wound down. Jose is injured, but the waves of ghouls have abated. Or bled out.
The demon pushes Tom: “Go. Get me my prize.”

Tom stumbles, and falls onto Maria. As he recovers, he whispers: “Do you have anything that can take care of that thing?”, he gestures with his eyebrows.
Her eyes momentarily widen in fear.
Didn’t think so. Damn.

Tom turns, “Wait… I forgot to mention – I crossed my fingers!”; he suddenly picks up his heavy oaken cross, and swings wildly.
Simultaneously, Maria grabs two shotgun slugs and tosses them to Jose – he loads and fires point blank into the demon.

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